The Best Gun Holster For You Some Expert Advice

The Best Gun Holster For You Some Expert Advice

A gun holster is a piece of rigging which is designed to both protect and support your firearm on your person. There are several types of gun holsters, and each of these types has their inherent advantages and disadvantages.

In addition to the style of rigging, the best gun holsters are typically made from only a few types of materials, as they must be comfortable, yet adequately rigid so that they may support your gun.

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What Is A Gun Holster?

Over the course of this article, we will go over the different styles of holster that you may wear, a few of the characteristics to search for in the best holster and we will finish off with our review guide. If you are already confident that you know what you are looking for in your holster, feel free to skip right down to our review guide.

We would recommend getting to know a little more about the styles and features of certain holsters if this is your first time purchasing a gun holster.

Types Of Gun Holster

Gun Holster Belt

The more common type of gun holster is the belt holster.

There are two main types of the belt holster, and they are generally up to personal preference and the type of gun license which you own.

The outside the waistband types of holsters are worn by those with an open carry license or police officers.

Men wearing gun holster for belt.

Outside the waistband, gun holsters have the advantage regarding comfort, but they make it evident that you are carrying a firearm.

Inside the waistband, gun holsters are a type of concealed carry gun holster and require a concealed carry license. While these are a less comfortable option than open carry holsters, they are also concealed. In addition to being concealed, you will find that inside the waistband holsters are less bulky than their non-concealed counterparts.

Shoulder Gun Holster

A shoulder gun holster is set up in a manner akin to a backpack, with two straps supporting the weight of your pistol on your shoulders. As the two straps go over your shoulders, the weight of the pistol is far more evenly distributed than would be the case with a belt holster.

Certain shoulder holsters also have the option of storing extra magazines under the other strap, so they are a good choice if you plan on carrying extra ammunition.

Hidden Vs. Visible Gun Holster

The selection between a hidden gun holster and a visible gun holster mostly depends on your state law, as well as your choice. The vast majority of states in America allow open carry, either with or without a license.

Hidden gun holster.

Before deciding on the type of holster you would prefer, it is crucial that you carefully examine your state laws for your state's stance on open carry.

There are several pros and cons to a visible gun holster, and we will go over them.

An open carry holster will be a more comfortable choice when you are out and about.

As the holster has room to be away from your body, you will have a greater range of movement with a holster which is visible to others. While open carry is the more comfortable choice, you will have to go through an additional licensing process if your state mandates it.

In the case of open carry states, there are few practical disadvantages to a visible gun holster.

What To Look For Before You Buy A Gun Holster

Would It Fit Your Gun?

The most important aspect to look into when you are purchasing a gun holster is whether or not it would fit your gun. If you buy a holster which is designed for a pistol which is a size too large, you will have wasted your money. Gun holsters will have a range of adjustability, but they will still be designed with a certain size of a handgun in mind.

Some gun holsters are made with a specific type of gun in mind; these are made of unadjustable molded plastic.

Would It Fit You?

You must also ensure that your handgun holster will be able to fit on you. Once again, they are adjustable within a certain range, but it is highly recommended that you know your measurements before you decide to purchase your new handgun holster. Otherwise, you may end up with a holster which doesn't fit you.


Another important consideration is the type of material that your handgun holster is made of. There are not many possible materials which are used in the construction of holsters.

The most common types are leather, nylon, and hard plastics, though these are usually reserved for military applications.

You may also choose to purchase a magnetic gun holster, which opens and closes using a magnetic clip. The leather gun holster is the most traditional material of choice when purchasing a holster.

Different material of gun holsters.


You also want to ensure that the quality of your holster is up to par. A poorly manufactured holster can result in unsafe situations, such as your pistol falling to the ground. A cheap holster can also simply break after little use, resulting in little more than a waste of money.

Best Gun Holster

Blackhawk SERPA Concealment Holster


  • Available in either left-hand or right-hand orientation
  • Features a passive retention detent adjustment screw
  • Features SERPA auto-lock release
  • Features immediate retention
  • Features audible click upon re-entry
  • Included belt loop and paddle platform
Blackhawk SERPA Concealment Holster Review

Our Rating


If you are searching for the best gun holster made of molded plastic, this model from Blackhawk is an excellent choice. This holster has the advantage of several security features which are unavailable on a more traditional style leather holster.

Manufactured in an inside the waistband style, this model of holster comes included with mounting platforms so it may more easily be attached to your belt.

This model is also versatile as it may be purchased in many configurations, depending on your handedness and the type of firearm you would like to use. With a choice of over thirty different gun models to choose from, this is one of the best gun holsters regarding design options.

The security as mentioned earlier features includes a SERPA auto-lock release which is quite easy to use in a rush. There is also an audible click when replacing your firearm, so you know that the holster has locked.

UTG Elite Tactical Right-Handed Leg Holster


  • Designed for use with right-handed shooters
  • Features a 26-inch upper strap and a 19 inch lower strap
  • Features a fully adjustable belt hanger
  • Features a non-slip holster pad
  • Features an extra magazine pouch
  • Features thumb break security

Our Rating


This product from UTG is one of the best gun holsters we have found for such a reasonable price. Available online for a little less than 10 dollars, it is hard to find a leg holster which combines an excellent price point with decent build quality. Unfortunately, this model does have one downside.

The leg straps are rather small for larger users, so we would recommend this product if your thighs are smaller than 26 inches in circumference higher up and 19 inches in circumference lower down.

Besides the relatively small size of this holster, there is no other cause for complaint. You will find that the inclusion of an additional mag pouch is a nice touch if you would like to practice your quick draw skills at your local range. It allows you to more easily practice your reloading technique since the magazine will be easily accessible.

Also, this model of a holster is rather light, enabling you to wear it for longer periods of time without it becoming a burden.

UTG Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster


  • Usable by both left and right handed shooters
  • Features a modular design
  • Features padded shoulder straps
  • Features two magazine pouches
  • Universal, adjustable design
  • Velcro straps for attachment to a web belt
Deluxe Universal Horizontal Shoulder Holster Review

Our Rating


If you would prefer a shoulder rig holster to the more traditional belt type, this model from UTG should have you covered for a reasonable price. Along with all of the typical advantages inherent in a shoulder rig holster, you will find that this model also features a good degree of modularity and versatility.

These versatile features include the ability to switch the side of your holster so it may be used by both left-handed shooters and right handed shooters.

Additionally, this model of a holster is padded on both sides so it is not uncomfortable to wear and so your handgun is held in a position where it will be highly resistant to scuffs and other damage. The universal design of this holster also allows you to fit a large number of different types of guns in it without worry.

This holster is compatible with both revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, so it does not lack in the versatility department.


Regardless of whether you are looking for the best leather gun holster or the best belt gun holster, we hope that our reviews were a helpful source of information. Now you have the knowledge to confidently make your next gun holster purchase without having to worry about any hidden pitfalls or misrepresented products.

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