Plano 10-10137 Gun Case Review

Plano 10-10137 Gun Case Review

A gun case is a purchase which may be necessary depending on the state that you live in. Beyond legal mandate requiring a gun case, it is simply an intelligent decision to purchase a gun case if you value the condition of your firearms.

While you may also purchase a range bag, they will typically not offer your firearm the same level of protection as a gun case. Caring for your gun is a great way to ensure that it lasts you a long time without needing to visit the gunsmith and a gun case is a good first step.

The Product


  • Large enough for a long-barreled pistol or two smaller pistols
  • Features a molded plastic, contoured handle
  • ​Features steel hinge pins for added durability
  • Features Padlock tabs for airline use
  • Interior dimensions are: 7.1 x 11.6 x 2.2 inches
Plano 10-10137 Gun


This gun case from Plano Molding is an excellent choice if you are purchasing your first gun case and you would simply like something which is inexpensive. It still includes several additional features, such as a foam interior, padlock tabs, and steel hinge pins for added strength.


Do you want a gun case that is just a container for your firearm and nothing more? In that case, this model from Plano Molding may be an excellent choice. This model does away with all frills to ensure that the price is as low as it can be while still maintaining good build quality.

This is the best way to make a budget product. Doing away with extraneous features while still ensuring that your product accomplishes the task at hand is something that more manufacturers should do. It ensures that their affordable products are as high in quality as this one.

What Others Say

Customers were impressed by just how well this product is made. Several consumer updates on reviews have stated that this case has lasted them well over a year without any issues regarding durability.

Plano Case

Some customers have complained about the lack of interior space, but it is still large enough to fit most models of full frame handgun. There may be difficulty in fitting large models of the revolver into this case.

Buying Advice

This product may be purchased online from Amazon for just over ten dollars. This is one of the most reasonable gun cases that you will find available. Most cheaper cases will either break within a week of use or will simply be too small to carry most handguns effectively.


If you are looking for the cheapest gun case possible, look no further than this model from Plano Molding. Through combining good build quality with a no-frills design, Plano has struck gold with this model of gun case. We hope you enjoy using this case as much as we did reviewing it.

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