UTG Deluxe Universal Shoulder Holster Review

UTG Deluxe Universal Shoulder Holster Review

Finding the right holster can be more difficult than it may seem at first. The first choice to make is to decide on the style of holster you would prefer. This hinges on whether you prefer open or concealed carry. The best part about shoulder holsters is that they can be worn in either manner depending on the garments that you choose to wear.

Taking this into account, more often than not, your shoulder holster will be used in an open carry situation unless you enjoy wearing closed coats everywhere.

The Product


  • Can be used by either left handed shooters or right handed shooters
  • Constructed using a modular design
  • ​Features room for two extra magazines
  • Design is both universal and adjustable
  • Velcro straps allow web belt compatibility
  • Shoulder straps are padded
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The UTG Deluxe Universal Shoulder Holster is an excellent product to purchase if you are looking for a versatile and adjustable shoulder holster. Made of durable synthetic fibers, this holster is both comfortable and resilient. The modular design allows quick adjustment and many different types of firearms to be worn with ease.


If you want a shoulder holster which is not overly expensive yet still decently comfortable, this product may be the ideal choice. The inclusion of two pouches for extra magazines allows you to more easily train your quickdraw and reloading drill at your local range.

The padded shoulder straps could be more comfortable, as they begin to chafe a little bit after extended periods of use.

The modular construction of this holster is one of the best features, as you can switch from a right-handed carry to a left-handed carry at will. The universal design ensures that it is very likely that your gun of choice will fit in this holster.

What Others Say

In most of the customer reviews we have seen, this product has been heavily praised for its versatility. Most owners are impressed by the fact that this holster will fit most if not all of the handguns in their collection.

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While some larger models will be harder to conceal, they will still very likely fit, at a price to comfort. One of the few complaints is that the material can grow uncomfortable after being used for some time.

Buying Advice

If you are looking to purchase this gun holster, it is available on Amazon for the low price of just over 15 dollars. It is quite difficult to find a shoulder holster with this level of quality for so cheap, so we are rather impressed by the price point of this product.


If you are looking for a versatile and inexpensive shoulder holster, look no further than this model from UTG. While it may grow uncomfortable after being worn for a long time, it is unmatched regarding durability and usability with multiple firearms.

Our Rating